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Narniasound is finally getting somewhere

[ Studio panorama, looking good but still largely uncabled ]

In reality these photos were taken in 2012, but the studio barely changed in 2013, so they are here to preserve chronological order yet distinguish from the earlier 2012 setup. I'll update the Gear List in 2014 once the rack configuration has stablised.

I know, I know, there is still no acoustic treatment to speak of (bar the rear vinyl wall "diffuser"). Having visited a friend's beautifully treated room, I've now heard the difference, and need that hushed quality of sound here too. I still need to make bass traps and more importantly some speaker stands as the monitors are currently perched (quite securely) on ad hoc MDF/cardboard boxes rammed full of audio cassettes (sturdy, but not pretty). Now that it's looking more organised, here are some more panoramas...

[ Studio rear vinyl wall panorama ]

[ Another panoramic view of Narniasound studio ]

[ Curvacious ARP Odyssey for bendy basslines ]

[ Orb over Jupiter-6, Odyssey, JX-3P, VZ1 | Orbs over Jupiter and VZ1 ]

[ Studio desk all set up but not cabled up yet | SQ80 master keyboard and computer workstation | Grahl chair at studio desk | Studio racks set up but mostly not cabled up yet | Notice how dbx 160A has same knobs as Lexicon Super Prime Time | Ululating Feedback Occultifier close-up ]

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