The Ninth Peace In Nature Walk

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Greetings Snow Children,

You are warmly invited to wrap up and join us on the ninth Peace In Nature Walk, entitled "WINTER WONDERLAND", to be held sometime this winter whenever it snows.

This one will be a little different and not have a fixed date (unless anyone has insider knowledge of The Met Office :-) The idea is that as soon as it snows lots (and settles), anyone interested should phone me to arrange where and when to get out there. Forecasts may be useful too. Obviously wrap up warm and bring cameras, gloves, hats, sledges even!

Entities you may likely encounter: Narnia in snow ] Hillside looking eastward in winter | [ Hillside looking westward in winter |

Children and dogs* are welcome and encouraged.

Completing this journey will add the following points: (where n=number of participants)

These points may be used in future drumming and life events.

If the Walk is anywhere near my house then successful applicants will be get a hot 'n' hearty meal at The Smith's table.

* NOTE: Dogs are most welcome on the Walk, but alas cannot enter my house by order of The Landlord :-(

If you couldn't make this occasion, but are still interested, there will be many future outings, taking in other beautiful places off the beaten track which I've found during my travels around Herts, Beds and Bucks.

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