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A collection of acoustic/environmental compositions (2004...2007) 73'00"


This recording project is a response to the direction the world seems to be falling into: at the mercy of the large corporate money machines, which have now seized power from governments, silently, without armies, but with SWAT teams of lawyers.

Our vision is being blocked in, constrained by the Lock-In software and economically-damaging patents that big business are pushing through the governments of the world.

"A Davos World Economic Forum report has found that the organisation's own members are failing miserably in their goal of improving the state of the world." [...] "When it comes to saving the planet, the private sector's first official report card can be summarised in just three words: 'must try harder'."

- Stunted Development by Oliver Balch in The Guardian, Tuesday 2004-01-20

The false belief that "the market will decide what is best" is to blame. The market only serves itself and the people at the top who pull the strings. It is these people who perpetuate this false creed. They need to be exposed, and made to clean public toilets for the rest of their lives.

As individuals and collected peoples, we must be vigilant to quosh such economic terrorism, and stop it at the root.

Materials are limited. They shall be traded.
Ideas are free, infinitely reproducible.

Information is knowledge is power. Don't lose your rights.

The Third Milennium begins. New ways supplant the old.
The obsolete become memories.

I can see a light way ahead of me.
It's hard to move in this confined space, but I try.
If only I can just make it to The Light...


Tunnel Visions track listing
Title Instruments Environment Duration Tempo
1. Prelude With Naturvangam bowed guitar, harmonizer, voice, oud, naturvangam, shakers, chimes, gong, boran - 3'45" ?
2. Interlude claps, ankle bells, slit bells, djembe, tyres screeching, traffic car park 1'30" 130bpm
3. Nude Oud Funk Etude Eludes The New Dude Blues piano, djembes and tubanos, snare, claps, guiro, shekere, triangle, tambourine, electric bass, percussive oud solo Schoolhouse 4'30" ?
4. The First Cuckoo Of Spring dawn chorus, cuckoo clock, springs, rulers, doll, vocals/film samples Offley Woods 2'11" ?
5. Harpeggiator harpsichord samples, Jupiter-6, tabla Dartington Hall 7'40" ?
6. Interface tubanos, frogs, guiro, footsteps car park 0'58" 140bpm 5/8
7. Wood & Metals piano, bells, flute, harmonizer, metals, wood, frogs Schoolhouse 5'01" ?
8. Interlock tubanos, distant claves, cowbell, opening doors, running downstairs stairwell 1'40" 140bpm
9. In The Hall Of Many Doors Jupiter-6, harmonizer, bottles and tins and jars, drill bits, shakers, slit drum, slit bells, chains, creaks Offley Church 8'15" ?
10. Dreaming Of ? water, found sounds, foil, bed, chest, thighs, jars, bowls, flowerpots, footsteps, seeds Offley Church, Offley Woods 12'51" 128bpm
11. Tunnel Vision Jupiter-6, harmonizer, bells, chimes, bowls, cymbal, slit drum tunnel under A41 7'57" ?
12. Dial M For Mayhem crashing, furniture smashing, stereo Jukis, bed, head, pen, sound effects (explosions, breaking glass) car park 3'03" 110bpm
13. The Music At The End Of The Tunnel flutes, footsteps, claps, djembe pen, slit drum, wineglasses, Tibetan singing bowls, water bowl tunnel under A41 9'19" 130bpm
14. Bowl Heaven voices, flutes, wineglasses, bowed oud, Tibetan singing bowls, water bowl tunnel under A41 4'33" 000bpm

A Canopus Production (c)20?? (to one day be) recorded at my studio and various locations in Hertfordshire:

All music conceived, composed, arranged, performed, recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered and produced by Malcolm Smith, except for female voices on tracks 9, 10 and 14 by friends, and additional percussion on 2, 6, 8 and 13 by friends.
Piano recorded at The Old Schoolhouse, Baas Farm, Broxbourne.
Harpsichord (made by Colin Tilney) sampled at Dartington Hall.
Digitally recorded and edited using GNU/Linux free audio software.
Artwork designed by Malcolm Smith using The GIMP.
Cover photographs by Malcolm Smith of Aldeburgh Martello Tower, Suffolk.


This project is still being composed, although much of the music and texts have been planned conceptually. The tracklisting is now completely different from above (which will get updated soon), with about twice as many tracks. Some vocals have been recorded pending editing. I'm working on my mixing chops, getting up to speed with Ardour on smaller projects and archive material before embarking on major works like this.

[Scores and recordings will eventually be available]

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