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A Place of Peace

On 2007-04-01 I brought my bowls out into the sunny garden to try out some installation ideas and see what shapes they would form. A spiral morphed into an arc leading to the tree, and then became a five-pointed star before contracting into a pentagon.

[ Bowl spiral in the garden | Wiggly line of bowls in the garden | Wiggly line of bowls in the garden | Arc of bowls in the garden | Five-pointed star of bowls in the magic garden | The Pentagon of Peace ]

[ Bowl star from above | Bowl star closeup | Bowl star closeup from another angle ]

[ Bowl spiral from above | Bowl spiral like Debian swirl | Pentagon of bowls | Pentagon of bowls from above ]

Gong Tree

I was later quite amazed to find that some UFOs from outer space had landed in the garden and now gongs were sprouting from a tree. It was long believed that in ancient times gongs grew on trees high in the mountains of Tibet, but this is the first documented case of them being seen in their native habitat in the wild. Note the baby gongs ('tingshaw') growing into mature specimens.

[ The Gong Tree growing in my garden | The branches of the Gong Tree | Gongs and tingshaw growing on the tree | Tingshaw growing on the tree | Arc of bowls leading away from tree ]

Gardens of The Future

Malc playing the gong tree, photo by diagonal Dafna Dori ] [ Bowls guarding the garden ]The Bowl Garden was open for viewing at Garden Party #1 on Sunday 2007-09-23, and the bowls were used to accompany Ruth singing.

Future Bowl Garden workshops and performances will be announced here in due course.

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